Trip Review Rajan Harivallabhdas and Sheela

Rajan Harivallabhdas and Sheela – Ahmedabad – India.
September 2010

Sheela and I are fortunate that we chose Bird Malaysia to arrange our trip. Sri Sari and Irshad Mobarak had made excellent arrangements for our hotel bookings and birding trips.

Andrew, it was a pleasure to have been accompanied by an expert birder like you. Angel was not only great company but an asset while birding. Your enthusiasm and tireless energy enabled us to see many species of birds including nine species of Hornbills. At Belum – Temmengore, the sight of over hundred plain-pouched Hornbills circling in the sky while we were in the boat has been etched permanently in our memory. It was a great experience to see Hornbills in flight and perched on trees. If we had seen the wreathed Hornbill at Lake Kenyir we would have been lucky to have completed the total count of ten species of Hornbills. The sighting of other interesting and unusual species of birds of peninsular Malaysia was equally Thrilling. We hope to see more birds in Malaysia in the near future.