Sulawesi and all the adjacent islands has a very high endemic. Sulawesi Island is one of the gems for an amazing area called Wallace. Endemic birds, wildlife, unique culture and dramatic landscapes have captivated travelers. 31% of Sulawesi’s birds are found nowhere else in the world.

Wallacea Birding South Route

Join us on our new and exciting tour, this expedition will see us venture into Wallace Line, named after the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace who noted the differences in mammal and bird fauna between the islands either side of the line.

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Borneo Sabah Route

Birdwatching Tour. Borneo- Malaysia – Sabah Route - 8Days/7Nights. Kinabalu Park – Sukau - Sepilok. A route Combination of Wetlands, Mangrove Forest, Paddy Fields, Lower Montane Rainforest, Lowland rainforest.

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