Penang Birdwatching

Penang is a popular tourist destination that is famous for its glorious array of local food and fine cuisines and as well as a tropical island paradise for shopping and other leisure activities. But there is another fascinating world found here that is relatively unknown which is the alluring and amazing bird life around the state of Penang.

From lush tropical rain forests to the coastal mudflats, there is a rich variety of both resident and migratory species that seek shelter here. In Penang Island the mangroves of Sungai Burung on the southern tip of the island is where you will be able to see raptors, kingfishers, cuckoos and as well as migratory passerines. Forest birds are struggling to cope with the pace of development on the island but the central hilly region like Penang Hill and Bukit Penara is still home to such amazing species like the White-bellied Woodpecker and Green Broadbill.

The vast area of paddy fields of Permatang Pauh in the central region is a great place to see wintering raptors and water birds. The mighty Eastern Imperial Eagle, Steppe Eagle and Greater Spotted Eagles call this place home during the wintering months. It is also one of the best places to see scarce migratory water birds like the ibises, storks and waders. The Pulau Burung landfill at the southern tip is another place where both resident and migratory water birds frequent. As the name implies, the marshlands and mangroves are rich in bird life and notable birds like ducks, rails, raptors and cuckoos can be found here.

Note: The choice and number of birding spots to be covered during a single tour will depend on your preference, the availability of time and weather conditions.