Birdfair 2019 Rutland Water


We’re excited  to be present at Birdfair 2019, held at Rutland Water Nature Reserve, Egletonheld on Friday to Sunday 16TH – 18TH August 2019.

This year,  Andrew Sebastian will be present at Tourism Malaysia Booth.

Please do come along and visit us at Tourism Malaysia Booth and we’ll do our best to advise & assist . We’re looking forward seeing you there.

Trip Review

Trip Review

Our Guest Reviews

July 2014

Myself, my husband Chris and my 13 year daughter, Mya-Rose Craig, who write the Birdgirl blog, are keen world birders.  In July 2014, myself and Mya-Rose booked Andrew Sebastian for two days of birding at Kuala Salangor, in Malaysia. We were a little nervous as this was the first time we had birded without Chris.   Andrew met us at KL airport, drove us to Kuala Salangor, then guided us at Bukit Melawati, after which we went out night birding.  We spent the next morning birding at Kuala Salangor, seeing lots of our target birds.

Next, Andrew was going to be driving us to Bukit Fraser (Fraser’s Hill), where we were due to meet a guide and car. Andrew was amazing, realising that our Bukit Fraser guide (who he knew) did not drive and so would not have a car.  He therefore suggested that he take us to Bukit Tinggi, which I had missed completely from our itinerary.   He told us that it would be difficult to get a taxi from Bukit Fraser and that we should not miss the Mountain Peacock-pheasant, an extremely rare endemic, which were coming to seed there.  We were extremely lucky, seeing four Mountain-pheasants within twenty minutes of arriving!

Andrew then phoned our Bukit Fraser guide to say that we would be late and spent time birding with us at The Gap, at the bottom of the road.  Andrew could have just dropped us with our next guide as planned, but instead went out of his way to show us birds, knowing that it would be hard to get to these places without a car.  I am hugely indebted to him for this, as we did then spend 5 days trying to bird around Bukit Fraser without a car, which was impossible.

At the end of our trip, we returned home and left Chris birding around Bukit Fraser with Andrew, having an excellent couple of days.As well as having a fantastic knowledge of the birds, Andrew was great at quickly pointing them out and was really good company.  He also looked after as well, making my feel reassured on this my first trip on my own.  Chris only had two days in Bukit Fraser and Andrew was great digging out the most crucial birds.
This is my daughter’s blog post about our first two days of birding in Malaysia with Andrew


Mr.Rüştü Kasım Bozacı

May 2012

Sri, I want to thank you for your efforts; you make the Malaysia part of our trip easy and enjoyable. All of the hotels are unique, comfortable and have charming ambiance. We also want to thank Andrew for his hospitality, help and especially his patience while photographing the butterflies. We saw many beautiful birds and of course, butterflies.

Sun Pui Ming and Angela

Hong Kong
January 2012
Much much thanks for your guiding and giving us a marvelous trip in KL. We’ve learned and experienced a lot lot!
Just express our grateful to you & your team. Regards, Ming
I’m so glad that you were with us during our stay in Malaysia. You made our trip a wonderful trip !!
I hope I can go birdwatching in Malaysia again and you will be with us too !!. If you come to Hong Kong in the future, please do let us know. We could have a drink/lunch/dinner and of course birdwatching. But you might need to locate the birds yourself as we are not as good as you are in birdwatching !!. Cheers, Angela

Waldy Brouwer
The Netherland

July 2011

I had a great and very well organized birdtrip with the two Andrew’s.
Andrew Sebastian on the peninsular, from the start till the end a dedicated guide ,lots of fun and humor and also very keen on bird/wildlife. Very helpfull with all my demanding eat habits (lots of sambal) and I am sure He enjoys every moment the same as I did. We saw great birds and I say again thanks to my friend Andrew.

Andrew Siani, on Borneo,maybe a short 4 day tour, but he worked very hard on showing me the “specialties”of this part of Sabah, off course we missed some but ending with a”‘fruithunter!! was a special price. Thanks Andrew. Off course I will come back to “‘Bird Malaysia”‘ if my birding path leads me to these regions.
Eric Skrzypczak

April 2010

I recently hired this guide service. They exceeded all expectations. This is a difficult region of the world to photograph. It is dense rainforest. Humidity and rain are prevalent. However if you are seeking to increase your endemics please look them up. They went above and beyond to produce the birds. This is definitely a binoculars “first” photography “second” region of the world. I saw far more species then I was able to photograph. The heavy forest canopies and dark forest conditions make photography challenging. I was only with them for three days as that was all the time my business trip would permit. People would typically spend 3-4 days in areas that by necessity had to be covered in a single day. – Andrew I had a blast – thank you so very much!


Jon Mercer – United Kingdom
March 2010

I spent an enjoyable couple of days with Andrew Sebastian at Fraser’s Hill and Kuala Selangor – many birds, efficient logistics – the whole mini tour ran seamlessly with good accommodation and food etc and very knowledgeable guiding on the birds and their calls.

John and Carolyn Walton – United Kingdom
February 2010

Our 12 day tour in February 2010 was excellently organized. We covered the main habitats on the peninsular in that short time and thanks to our congenial hosts Andrew and Irshad saw 230 species, consumed plate after plate of delicious meals, walked miles and laughed a lot. We can’t wait to return to your beautiful country.

Robert and Sally Kendall – USA
February 2010

In February 2010, we joined Andrew Sebastian, Guna Segaran, and Irshad Mobarak for birding forays to Fraser’s Hill, Taman Negara, Maxwell’s Hill, Kuala Gula, and Langkawi Island on (or just off) peninsular Malaysia. Except for travel between these sites, we spent little time in vehicles and much time on our feet. The upland and lowland forests gave us splendid experiences, the kinks in our necks notwithstanding, and the edge, open, and coastal areas visited provided a well-rounded exposure to the peninsula’s rich avifauna–and to the mammals: gibbon wars in the hill forests were memorable, as was our eye-level look at the taxonomically enigmatic colugo on Langkowi Island. As North Americans, we’ve had some experience with Asian birds (Sri Lanka, northern India), but it was especially rewarding to see some spectacular new trogons, a group we share. And although we’ve spent time in Africa (and Sri Lanka), the hornbills we saw exceeded all previous standards of casque ornamentation; the canopy walk we took brought us intimately among them, and Langkawi expanded our appreciation of them further.

Our guides were excellent–in their expertise, in their ability and effort to put the slower members of the party (us) on the birds, and in their affability. Even the vehicle drivers participated, either with the enthusiasm of a new interest or with the budding ability of birding experience. We learned a great deal from them all about Malaysia in the course of our tour. Transportation arrangements were seamless. As others have mentioned, accommodations were fine and food was tasty (better, on average, outside hotels). The people of peninsular Malaysia were among the friendliest we’ve encountered anywhere. I recommend the Birding Malaysia group to anyone interested in this area, recognizing that some of their tours (to Sulawesi, for example) are necessarily taken under more primitive conditions than we experienced. The personnel will make the rougher accommodations and conditions a minor distraction, I am sure.

Rajan Harivallabhdas and Sheela  – Ahmedabad – India.
Septemberr 2010

Sheela and I are fortunate that we chose Bird Malaysia to arrange our trip. Sri Sari and Irshad Mobarak had made excellent arrangements for our hotel bookings and birding trips.

Andrew, it was a pleasure to have been accompanied by an expert birder like you. Angel was not only great company but an asset while birding. Your enthusiasm and tireless energy enabled us to see many species of birds including nine species of Hornbills. At Belum – Temmengore, the sight of over hundred plain-pouched Hornbills circling in the sky while we were in the boat has been etched permanently in our memory. It was a great experience to see Hornbills in flight and perched on trees. If we had seen the wreathed  Hornbill at Lake Kenyir we would have been lucky to have completed the total count of ten species of Hornbills. The sighting of other interesting and unusual species of birds of peninsular Malaysia was equally Thrilling. We hope to see more birds in Malaysia in the near future.

The Team

The Team

Bird Malaysia’s team consist of specialist birder guides who are members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and BirdLife International Partners for Malaysia with intimate local knowledge of the rich habitat of East and West Malaysia birds. With a collective birding experience of over 25 years, the team is well-respected in the Malaysian birding circle, and have been honored by organizations and peers alike.

Irshad Mobarak

Irshad Mobarak

Irshad Mobarak has been a keen naturalist since his childhood. Inspired by the lives and deeds of pioneer naturalists and  explorers. In 1992 he left his banking career  and walked down the path of Natural History.  He has been deeply moved by the plight of the animal and plant world and the perilous relationship they have with man at this moment in history . He has devoted his life to helping ordinary people unlock the mysteries of the natural world. To help achieve this role he founded Bird Malaysia under the Umbrella of Natural History Tours  a company which specializes  in wildlife tours with focus on birds.

As an avid ornithologist, Irshad has himself spends many hours  birding in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia observed, studied and documented the life histories of many species of birds. When not in the field, Irshad consults and lectures on birds, biogeography, conservation and other elements of island Natural History to a wide audience, ranging from school children to corporate figures, naturalists, scientists and others with a love and interest in Natural History.

Andrew Sebastian


Andrew J Sebastian is Bird Malaysia resident guide. He is one of Malaysia’s well regarded conservationist, bird guide and writer. With over 20 years experience, Andrew has traveled to world promoting Malaysia as a birdwatching destination with the latest being the American Birding Expo in Ohio, October 2105. He is currently the Executive Director and Co-founder of Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia , Co-founder of the Asian Bird Fair and Advisor to the newly created Wild Bird Club of Malaysia. He was until recently, Head of Communications for the Malaysian Nature Society for 19 years. He is the lead author of ‘Malaysia Birding Destination’, a worldwide publication produced and distributed by Tourism Malaysia. He has been cited in local and international media (featured in the Lonely Planet since 2012), over 215 times and has a modest life list of 2,300. He leads tours to his other favourite destination, Sulawesi and works with local communities there to develop their potentials.    



Bird Malaysia Philosophy

By Birders, For Birders and The Birds

Our philosophy is to support local economies, avoid any harmful effects to wildlife and natural environment and participate in the conservation of rainforest in general and birds in particular. A percentage of our profits from our tour will be used in our very own PEACE TREE PROJECT.

Every destination has been thoroughly investigated and experienced by us; we are passionate about birds and will always strive to ensure that our clients get the very best in destination choice, schedule of visit, bird species, accommodation, meals and the use of guides with strong knowledge or each locale. We will provide for our clients personal needs and will custom design our tours for individuals and small groups.

Welcome to Malaysia – we know you will enjoy our tours.
Irshad Mobarak
Founder – Bird Malaysia

Our Company Background

Natural History Tours Sdn. Bhd was set up in early 1994 with its main objective to educate and inspire people to experience and learn about Malaysia’s rich natural history.

These educational and adventurous tours are developed and conducted by a group of dedicated and passionate naturalists. We are the first company in Malaysia to offer natural history tours in the northern part of peninsular Malaysia.

Apart from the set programs presented in this website, we can customize itineraries to meet the specific needs of our discerning customers. Our tours are flexible and can accommodate family holiday where bird watching is part of the agenda. A holiday may include a beach holiday and a cultural element as part of the birding agenda.

Birding holidays can vary from a short stay at one place or an extended one covering a larger travel area to include more of Malaysia’s amazing natural history. We have a selection of professional and passionate nature guides to ensure an efficient and well managed trip.

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