Borneo Sabah Route

We will start your tour in Borneo from the state of Sabah were we first travel to the highlands of the Crocker Range for some the Borneo endemics seldom seen elsewhere like the Mountain barbet, Borneo Barbet, Bornean Bulbul, Bornean (mountain) Blue-winged Leafbird, Black-breasted Fruit-hunter, Mountain Leaf Warbler and the very elusive Whitehead’s Warbler.

Later we travel to Kinabalu Park HQ (45mins) where we explore the trails of this World Heritage Site and seek out its specialties such as Bornean Stubtail, Mountain Wren Babbler, Chestnut-crested Yuhinia, Mountain Blackeye, Whitehead’s Broadbill and Trogon, Blacksided Flowerpecker and Bornean Whistling Thrush among many others.