These tours design for the birders that have a shorter time for their holiday so we have tried to include a diverse range of habitats and easy relaxing birding phase. Tours conducted by local guides that has intimate knowledge of the birds and wildlife in the area.

Peninsular Malaysia Primate Tour

Malaysia is divided into 2 parts ie West Malaysia and East Malaysia. West Malaysia is also referred to as Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (Borneo Island) that includes the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, the Kingdom of Brunei and Indonesian Kalimantan. The geographic separation of Malaysia has also allowed…


Fraser’s Hill

Fraser’s Hill is a very popular birding destination in Malaysia is a highland paradise and home to more than 250 species of wild birds. From November to February the higland will be home to the migrant birds that fly here as far as northern Siberia of Russia and islands north of Japan and neighboring land mass, to seek new feeding grounds as well as to escape the freezing winter up north. Fraser’s Hill beauty, green splendor and cool mountain air makes for a pleasant walking environment.


Sedim Rainforest Canopy

At 925 meters long, Sedim Canopy walkway is the longest canopy walkway in the world. Early pick up from Penang island to ensure our early arrival at Sedim Rainforest. The heat and humidity builds rapidly in a tropical rainforest so we will make full use of the cool of the morning hours. We then ascend the canopy walkway, walking 30 meters up amongst the wildlife.

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