Peninsular Malaysia Birding Sites

One of the planet’s best kept secrets is the biosphere of the Malay Peninsular. This geographical zone is one the most bio-diverse regions on earth. It is a treasure house of some of the most exotic plant life, birdlife, animal life and marine life on the planet.

Its rainforest is inhabited with tigers, leopards, elephants, sambar deer, sun bears, tapirs, rhinos and many others. It resounds with the whooping call of the gibbons and the unfamiliar cries of the hornbills, pheasants, barbets, and babblers.

Within this biosphere lie the states of Penang, Perak,Pahang, Johore, Selangor and Kedah and Terengganu. Collectively it offers vast expanse of untouched rainforest, golden beaches, secluded coral islands and amazing flora and fauna. There are a totall of 18 Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Peninsula Malaysia 9 are to found within the boundaries of the four states northern states. In all, there are some 640 species of resident birds, including 120 common migrant species.

The Malay peninsular has a diverse range of habitat types to offer including lowland rainforest, mountain forest, mangrove forest, mudflats, beaches, scrubland, rocky island outcrops and even some of the best diving in the region. With so much on offer, this area will most surely excite and fulfill any nature traveler’s holiday.

Habitat Type and Key Birding Sites

Montane birds
Lowland birds
Wetland birds
Island birds

Peninsular Malaysia Birding Routes

Hornbills Route: Penang – Sedim – Royal Belum – Merapoh (Taman Negara) – Kenyir Lake

Northern Route : Kuala Lumpur- Fraser’s Hill – Kenyir Lake – Royal Belum – Kuala Gula – Maxwell hill – Langkawi

Traditional Route: Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Selangor – Fraser’s Hill – Taman Negara


Central Route : Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Selangor – Fraser’s Hill – Taman Negara

The Short Route *: Taping – Maxwell Hill – Kuala Gula – Langkawi
* This tour is designed for those who have a shorter time for birding, we have tried toinclude as many life zones as possible.

Southern Route: S-West Johore coast – Panti forest – Endau Rompin – Tioman

Best residential based birding destination on Peninsular Malaysia

(The following destination are for those couples and families that have a wide range of intrest and who would like to include other activities and some birding as well. Our Best advice: From the mountains to reef you should combine Fraser’ Hill with Langkawi Island)

Langkawi Island
Over 200 species of birds, Good accommodation choices, beach, sun and relaxation and other recreational activities, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, biking, diving, dolphins, whale sharks, UNESCO geological sites, two 18 hole golf course.

Over 300 species of birds. Good all round site for some montane birds, more lowland species and plenty of waterbirds, plus an 18 hole golf course, great food choices if you like to eat out local style and Penang Island is a 90min drive away. This is not a resort town but a typical small working town atmosphere.

Fraser’s Hill
Plenty of montane birds, ideal for those that love the outdoors, walking under cool highland temperatures. There are many walking trails,with interesting botanicas, butterflies, beatles,birds, waterfalls and activities like biking,tennis, squash, 9 hole golf course.